Decorating Easter Eggs – Blown Out

Blow out Easter EggsStart with fresh eggs – I used a round file (actually meant for jewelry) to poke holes in the top and the bottom of the eggs.  The larger the hole in the bottom of the egg the easier it is to get the yoke out.   Then you simply blow from the top and watch the whites and yoke come out.  Blow until you hear air coming out. Then rinse the inside of the egg with tap water.    After the egg dries then paint away!

Below is a picture of the eggs we painted today.  Have fun and Happy Easter!


Painted Blown Out Easter Eggs

Construction Party Planning – Two Years Old!

One month away from Easton’s big day and I am trying to get organized.  Today I set out the containers I have been collecting and the projects I have been working on so I could get a visual on what I still need to buy and do.

Most of these items are from the dollar store, and the aprons I am sewing are all from scrap material.  So besides my time the financial investment is pretty small so far.    Still waiting on the hard hats to come in the mail.

Contruction Party Planning

Construction Party Favors

Homemade aprons for the kids, will have hammers to go in the hammer loop and hard hats are in the mail.