Recoloring Grout – Made Easy!

I find that no matter what season it is Living here in Portland Oregon there is bound to be some rain.   And rain means mud and mud means dirty floors.   A shoe free rule would be nice but that doesn’t really help when you have a four legged 70lb dog running in and out.   Hence mopping and sweeping daily is just part of the routine; the part that I cannot keep up with it the consistently dirty grout in my kitchen and bathroom.  Although a good grout sealant may have helped with the task the grout was stained in spots and just didn’t look good enough to leave.

Mapei Grout Refresh

I found this great product at Lowe’s called Mapei Grout Refresh  – what is amazing about this product is how easy it is use. Steps:

  1. Clean your grout well – I used a peroxide and baking soda paste.
  2. Apply Grout Refresh with a toothbrush to the grout, and don’t worry about the excess getting on the tiles (unlike many other products I researched).
  3. Let Dry for 30 to 60 minutes.
  4. Mist the Tiles with water let stand for 5 minutes.
  5. Get a sponge and whip of the excess (the bottle said scrub off the excess but I found that it wiped off with hardly any elbow grease).
  6. Don’t mop the floor with water for I think 12 hours.

So now I will have to see how it holds up over traffic and time, but even if I have to touch up spots it was such an easy application process I won’t mind.

Lowes didn’t have that many colors in stock but there are lots available online.  The Mapei website has lots of cool looking products I am going to have to keep in mind if I ever find myself in the middle of a remodel.kat


Dog Lovers – Clean your brooms!

I found this little trick by accident while sweeping our cement stoop.   When I am done sweeping the house my broom is covered in dog hair that I hate picking off with my fingers.  So now I go outside on the stoop and run the broom along the cement a few times, all the hair clumps up on the end of the broom and is easy to remove,  (or just falls off in the grass)  And now I have a clean broom for the next time I sweep.


Porcelain Sink Cleaning Made EASY!

If you haven’t tried a Mr Clean Eraser for around the house you really should.  I use them for lots tasks but one of my favorites uses is to get my porcelain sink back to looking new again.  It is a little hard to capture in a photograph but if you look closely on the left hand side you will notice a lot of grey scuff marks and on the right the sink is back to sparkling clean :)