Decorating Easter Eggs – Blown Out

Blow out Easter EggsStart with fresh eggs – I used a round file (actually meant for jewelry) to poke holes in the top and the bottom of the eggs.  The larger the hole in the bottom of the egg the easier it is to get the yoke out.   Then you simply blow from the top and watch the whites and yoke come out.  Blow until you hear air coming out. Then rinse the inside of the egg with tap water.    After the egg dries then paint away!

Below is a picture of the eggs we painted today.  Have fun and Happy Easter!


Painted Blown Out Easter Eggs

Chalkboard Fabric Project Ideas


Chalkboard Fabric

Months ago I bought a few yards of chalkboard fabric that was on sale;  I am finally getting around to using it!   This chalkboard fabric project couldn’t get any easier.   Simply cut the fabric and tack it to the wall.


Here are some other ideas that I am going to get around to trying soon:

Chalkboard Pillows – From Apartment Therapy

 Chalkboard fabric pennant banners! (I wonder what is used for the fabric. Faux leather?)
Chalkboard Fabric Banner Etsy Shop – Pamwares

Chalkboards Table Runner –  Image from Here – Originally for sale in Napa Style Magazine.


DIY Advent Calendar

I really wanted to make an advent calendar for Easton this year so this is what I came up with.  (This one is for a friend with little girls, Easton’s will be filled with boy things )

Easy to make DIY advent calendar,  and I have included a pdf to print out if you want one just like this.

Advent_Calendar-1Advent Calendar Treats




-30 Pack of wilton party favor tins (I got them at Michaels – used a 40% off coupon cost was $12)
-Printed Images to cut out  (PDF of my artwork)
-2 inch Circle cutter  (you could cut them by hand but I just happened to have the right size cutter on hand)
-Magnets,  I used some magnetic XYRON tape I had on hand but you could just any kind of magnet that has adhesive on it.
-Cookie sheet from dollar store to hold the magnetic tins.

The tins have plastic circles for lids that pop out, just pop in the images and pop back in the plastic to hold the images up.

I found most of my fillers at the Dollar Store, and some of the stickers on clearance at Michaels.


Train Table – Rolls under the Bed

I love that Easton is so entertained by his train set, but it was such a mess left out in his room and such a pain to put away and take out everyday.  Now we just roll out to play and push it back in when we are done.  Easy!



Home Depot Supplies:
-Plywood from the miss-cut discount bin for $2
-castor wheels $12 (I used 8 wheels, two separate sections)
-Misc wood pieces to frame from discount bin  – I used 1×1 boards $2
-paint  samples from clearance pant bin .50 each.
Home depot will cut the plywood for you if you don’t have the tools and the other pieces if you come with the correct measurements in hand.
-small screws for the castor wheels (unless they come with)
-Screws or Nails to hold pieces of wood to the plywood.  (You could just attach the wheels directly to the plywood but it wouldn’t be as sturdy.)

To get the painting and design right we set up the trains the way we wanted them then I traced where they went and drew in colored pencil where I wanted water and roads etc.


Table tent

Just came up with this fun idea – Easton loves when I make a tent for him with blankets over the table but then I have to clean off the table and he is always pulling the blankets off and getting upset about it.  I thought what about a curtain that shifts to the back of the table when not in use but is easy to pull to the front for playtime.   I used camouflage fabric as Easton has been duck hunting with dad a lot.   It doesn’t go with my decor but I can live with it for playtime :)


The face of frustration

learning to ride

Learning to ride a new bike is hard. We got it for her 3rd birthday, I think she likes it… trying to encourage and teach. Bless her heart though, she was listening to our advice because she hopped right off and told Savannah (on the ‘new to her trike’) to ‘keep her feet on the pedals and push forward and keep her head up.’We are so proud.

I make this trike look good

Teaching Patience… ha ha

the artist

I love to paint- always have. When Pennie became old enough (aka: more than two seconds worth of patience) and showed interest, I was thrilled (also because it’s one skill that my husband does not have, nor the patience). I have learned that it is all about timing. But the wait is totally worth the mess to see her learn new skills every time we get out the paint. 


Savannah is ‘chomping at the bit’ to paint but for now, she creates her 18 month old masterpieces with Crayola.