DIY Advent Calendar

I really wanted to make an advent calendar for Easton this year so this is what I came up with.  (This one is for a friend with little girls, Easton’s will be filled with boy things )

Easy to make DIY advent calendar,  and I have included a pdf to print out if you want one just like this.

Advent_Calendar-1Advent Calendar Treats




-30 Pack of wilton party favor tins (I got them at Michaels – used a 40% off coupon cost was $12)
-Printed Images to cut out  (PDF of my artwork)
-2 inch Circle cutter  (you could cut them by hand but I just happened to have the right size cutter on hand)
-Magnets,  I used some magnetic XYRON tape I had on hand but you could just any kind of magnet that has adhesive on it.
-Cookie sheet from dollar store to hold the magnetic tins.

The tins have plastic circles for lids that pop out, just pop in the images and pop back in the plastic to hold the images up.

I found most of my fillers at the Dollar Store, and some of the stickers on clearance at Michaels.



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