Preschool for Pennie

Pennie reminding Savy who’s bigger

Can’t believe that day is finally here, Pennie started preschool today. She was so eager and excited that she couldn’t sleep last night.  I was the one with anxiety: can she open everything in her lunch? Will she ask for help if she needs it? Will she act as crazy there as she does at home?-and if so I just want to apologize to the teachers. Will she make friends right away? have manners and consideration for others like I’ve taught her?

Needless to say, she did great. No tears upon our departure, and not overly exuberant upon our return- no problem.

Frozen Yogurt for Kiddos


yumm – love me some yogurt

I love ice-cream but losing the last of my pregnancy weight has not been easy for me.  So for a treat I like to buy frozen yogurt – Easton always wants some but I don’t want him to get used to the sugar.  So I make my own now its get a little icy if frozen over night but we usually eat it the same day anyway.  image

Just put your favorite Greek yogurt in an ice cream maker till its the right consistency, easy!

Cool me down & Pick me up

I love my morning cup of coffee but sometimes…ok most of the time I don’t finish my whole cup.   I leave a 1/4 or more of it sitting on the counter untouched.  What a waste right!?  So one morning as I was about to head to work I had just finished washing an ice cube tray and I noticed my half finished coffee sitting there and a light bulb went off,  coffee icecubes!  So yes dumped my coffee in the tray and put in the freezer.

Today it is 90 degrees out and I am hot and getting lazy so what better  way to cool down and get motivated – ICED COFFEE!  I added a few cubes to my coffee from this morning then added cream and a little sugar.  It tastes as good as any iced americano I’ve had, it would even be better with a little vodka :)  But that will have to wait for another day.

The face of frustration

learning to ride

Learning to ride a new bike is hard. We got it for her 3rd birthday, I think she likes it… trying to encourage and teach. Bless her heart though, she was listening to our advice because she hopped right off and told Savannah (on the ‘new to her trike’) to ‘keep her feet on the pedals and push forward and keep her head up.’We are so proud.

I make this trike look good

Teaching Patience… ha ha

the artist

I love to paint- always have. When Pennie became old enough (aka: more than two seconds worth of patience) and showed interest, I was thrilled (also because it’s one skill that my husband does not have, nor the patience). I have learned that it is all about timing. But the wait is totally worth the mess to see her learn new skills every time we get out the paint. 


Savannah is ‘chomping at the bit’ to paint but for now, she creates her 18 month old masterpieces with Crayola.