Cool me down & Pick me up

I love my morning cup of coffee but sometimes…ok most of the time I don’t finish my whole cup.   I leave a 1/4 or more of it sitting on the counter untouched.  What a waste right!?  So one morning as I was about to head to work I had just finished washing an ice cube tray and I noticed my half finished coffee sitting there and a light bulb went off,  coffee icecubes!  So yes dumped my coffee in the tray and put in the freezer.

Today it is 90 degrees out and I am hot and getting lazy so what better  way to cool down and get motivated – ICED COFFEE!  I added a few cubes to my coffee from this morning then added cream and a little sugar.  It tastes as good as any iced americano I’ve had, it would even be better with a little vodka :)  But that will have to wait for another day.