Train Table – Rolls under the Bed

I love that Easton is so entertained by his train set, but it was such a mess left out in his room and such a pain to put away and take out everyday.  Now we just roll out to play and push it back in when we are done.  Easy!



Home Depot Supplies:
-Plywood from the miss-cut discount bin for $2
-castor wheels $12 (I used 8 wheels, two separate sections)
-Misc wood pieces to frame from discount bin  – I used 1×1 boards $2
-paint  samples from clearance pant bin .50 each.
Home depot will cut the plywood for you if you don’t have the tools and the other pieces if you come with the correct measurements in hand.
-small screws for the castor wheels (unless they come with)
-Screws or Nails to hold pieces of wood to the plywood.  (You could just attach the wheels directly to the plywood but it wouldn’t be as sturdy.)

To get the painting and design right we set up the trains the way we wanted them then I traced where they went and drew in colored pencil where I wanted water and roads etc.


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